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Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 6
Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 6
  • 1996, 630 pp. (in Armenian)

The 6th volume of the Gandzasar Theological Review comprises the following sections: Studies; Original Texts and Translations; Appendix.

In the Studies section, articles by the following authors are placed: Fr. Mesrop Aramian, Fr. Artak Tigranyan, Azat Bozoyan, Hakob Keoseyan, and the Eastern Armenian translations of some articles by Aloys Grillmeier, Andrea B. Schmidt, Charles Renoux, G. Banateanu (trans. from English, German and French by Fr. Mesrop Aramian, Azat Bozoyan, Jasmen Mehrabyan and Gevorg Melikyan).

The Original Texts and Translations section includes the Eastern Armenian translations of St Clement of Rome’s I Epistle to Corinthians (continued from the previous volume), Mxit’ar of Skewra’s apologetic treatise “On the 12 Apostles' Equality in Honour” (continued from the previous volume), the "Story of the Repose of St John the Apostle" and Nerses of Lambron's Commentary on it (trans. from Classical Armenian by Seda Stamboltsyan), and the following Classical Armenian texts: the Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew by Anania of Sanahin (continued from the previous two volumes); the first writing from the collection of dogmatic treatises of John the Deacon Philosopher (Yovhannes Sarkawag; text prepared for publication by Fr. Mesrop Aramian), five moral and ascetical writings by the same author (text prepared for publication by Fr. Trdat Uzunyan), the dogmatic epistle to the Georgians by Mxit'ar Gosh (text prepared for publication by Paruyr Muradyan), the "Homily on the Feast of Theophany" by John of Erznka (text prepared for publication by Armenuhi Srapyan), the same author's epistle "On the Union of Brothers" and a New Year exhortative address to the inhabitants of the region of Ekeleac' (prepared for publication by Eduard Baghdasaryan), and, lastly, the "Epistle to the People of Karin" by Kirakos of Erznka (text prepared for publication by Fr. Avetis Danielyan).

The Appendix presents a brief essay about the Coptic Church, a book review by Hakob Keoseyan and Fr. Mesrop Aramian's announcement about the program of the Gandzasar Theological Center for the "Armenian Theological Library" book series.

Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 7
Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 7
  • 2002, 528 стр. (на армянском языке) 
  • О. Месроп Арамян, «Исповедание веры». Гандзасарский богословский журнал. Том 7, 2002

Седьмой том Гандзасарского богословского журнала состоит из трех основных разделов: Исследования; Оригинальные тексты и переводы; Жития святых и мартирологи. Том открывается “Исповеданием веры” (на армянском, английском и русском языках), который представляет вероисповедание Армянской Апостольской Православной Церкви на основании слов святых и отцов Вселенской и Армянской церквей.

В раздел Исследования включены статьи отца Месропа Арамяна, ученых Грача Бартикяна, Паруйра Мурадяна и Акопа Кеосеяна. В этом же разделе вниманию читателей представлены три перевода: перевод с древнегреческого двух писем Константинопольских патриархов к Армянскому Католикосу (в книге приведены также оригинальные тексты, перевод выполнен Грачем Бартикяном) и эссе П.Минина (перевод с русского Акопа Кеосеяна).

Второй раздел включает восточноармянский перевод «Учения 12 апостолов», письмо и житие Св. Поликарпа, некоторые трактаты Св. Афанасия Александрийского, Св. Василия Кесарийского, Св. Ефрема Сирина, Св. Иоанна Одзунского, а также армянского отца 9-10 вв. Ананиа Нарекского. Переводы с древнегреческого выполнены Симоном Гркашаряном, с древнеармянского – отцом Месропом Арамяном, Диаконами Ара Налчаджяном и Сааком Казаряном, а также Мартой Арабян. В ряду оригинальных текстов, опубликованных в томе - древнеармянские тексты авторов Погоса Таронаци, Иоаннеса Саркавага, Вардана Аревелци и Иоанна Ерзнкаци.

В третьем разделе представлены жития нескольких святых, почитаемых как Вселенской, так и Армянской Церквями.

Том завершается Приложением, содержащим краткое эссе об Эфиопской Церкви, переведенное с французского Аркадием Саргсяном.

Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 8
Gandzasar Theological Review, Volume 8
  • 2010, 653 pp. (in Armenian)

The 8th volume of the Gandzasar Theological Review comprises three main sections: Studies; Original texts and translations; and Lives of saints and martyrologies. In the first section the following studies are placed: Fr Mesrop Aramian, “Christ's Transfiguration in the ecclesiatical theology”, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, “The Anointing of the Sick. the problem of this sacrament in the Armenian Church”, and scholar Paruyr Muradyan, “Materials on the history of Christianity in Persia (The life of St Golandukht)”.

The second section includes the modern Armenian translations of the Epistles of Barnabas and of Clement (II spurious), two discourses by St Basil of Caesarea (translated from Ancient Greek), some ascetical writings of St Evagrius of Pontus, translated from Classical Armenian versions, St Gregory of Tathev's homilies on confession of sins and on the confessor fathers, and Mkhitar of Sasoun's life and his discourse on priestly vestments (translations from Ancient Greek by Simon Grkasharyan, from Classical Armenian by Seda Stamboltsyan and Fr Tachat Tsaturyan). The original texts of the volume include the Classical Armenian texts of the authors Paul of Taron (Polos Tarawnac'i), John the Deacon (Yovhannes Sarkawag) and Samuel of Kamrjadzor (Samuel Kamrjadzorec'i).

The third section presents lives of several saints, venerated in the Universal and Armenian Churches.

Toumanian’s Fairy-Tales
Toumanian’s Fairy-Tales

In August 2009, Vem Recordings released the single CD of Hovhannes Toumanian’s fairy-tales, including the Armenian readings of the great writer’s well-known fairy-tales, such as “The Foolish Man”, “The Master and the Laborer”, “Black Kiddy”, “The Miller-King” and others. The fairy-tales are narrated by Aida Nersisyan and Sargis Najaryan.


The Little Prince
The Little Prince

The Armenian reading of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous novel, “The Little Prince”, was released with a double CD by Vem Recordings in August 2009. The novel is narrated by Aida Nersisyan and Sargis Najaryan.


The Way
The Way

In 2005, Vem Recordings released its premier CD, “The Way”. Traditional arrangements of Armenian spiritual chants by the venerated composer and ethnomusicologist Komitas Vardapet (1869–1935) are displayed in the Hover Chamber Choir’s superb and unique interpretation. The album also includes two modern arrangements by composer Vaché Sharafyan.


Komitas Quartet
Komitas Quartet

In the album, listeners will find impressive, remarkable and strikingly fresh masterpieces by the leading contemporary Armenian composers magnificently performed by the ever-innovative Komitas State String Quartet of Armenia. The album was released in 2007, by Vem Recordings in celebration of the renowned String Quartet’s 80th Anniversary.


Garegin I Catholicos: TOWARDS LIGHT AND LIFE
Garegin I Catholicos: TOWARDS LIGHT AND LIFE
  • 1994, 315 pp. (in Armenian)

This is the third edition of the collection of Catholicos Garegin Hovsepyants's articles and sermons. They were written both in his years as Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, and when he was a vardapet, then a bishop. The previous two editions of the book were published in Antelias in 1946 and in 1986.

De Profundis
De Profundis

Released in 2005, this is the second album of sharakans produced by Vem Recordings. The album features various genres of Armenian sacred music. The choral parts are performed by the acclaimed Hover Chamber Choir, and the vocals by two outstanding soloists of the Holy Geghard Monastery Choir, Anahit Papayan and Lusine Ghazaryan.


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