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The show aims at reflecting back the situations and phenomena, the controversies of human and societal relationships that do not seem significant or actual at the first sight. However, they do leave their imprint on these very relationships and on the quality of our life.

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02 March Gold Fever – 2

"The  bowels of the Armenian land belong to the entire people. To export 70 tons of gold that is estimated to be three billion dollars from the country by consent of the RA Government, creating instead new jobs and paying taxes of 498 million dollars to the state budget… Don't you think that the alarms of the public and ecologists are pertinent?" This and other questions concerning the exploitation of Amulsar gold mine are answered by Armen Stepanyan, sustainability director at Lidian Armenia.


23 February He is Starting to Get Angry

President Ilham Aliev is making bellicose statements before the special presidential elections. He has threatened to use all possible levers to keep Armenia in isolation. How does Armenia respond to such statements? Our guest is Ashot Movsisyan, specialist in Azerbaijan.


16 February Help the Child to Recover

In Armenia, only 2 per cent of GDP is allocated to healthcare. According to the UN data, this is one of the lowest rates in the world. Our state is not able to solve the healthcare issues of its citizens. That is why this task is carried out by individuals and charity groups. Help the Armenian Children NGO is organizing a charity concert at Mezzo Club on February 18, 16:00, and its proceeds will be directed toward the treatment of 7-year-old Zaruhi Balyan.


09 February Gold Fever

Ecologists have estimated that in case of exploitation of Amulsar mine, the damage caused to the air, water system, lands, flora and fauna of Armenia will be irreversible. The Chairman of Greens' Union of Armenia Hakob Sanasaryan substantiates this assertion point by point.

02 February Photogenic and Without Levers

Will the candidate for the post of head of the Armenian Republican Party Armen Sargsyan be able to become an independent player and to make changes within the system, or will it be as in the case of Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan? Political analyst Edgar Vardanyan doesn't expect significant changes.

26 January If You Want Your Song to Be Listened to, Become the Breath of Your Time

The author and performer, founder of the Armenian Club of Bards Vakhtang Harutyunyan is talking about his new, 7th album of songs and about the peculiarities of bard songs.

19 January Do it Like Us, Do it Better than Us!

The world's richest encyclopedia is 17 years old. Today the Armenian Wikipedia has  237 000 articles. But not everyone knows that those who write Wikipedia articles do that due to their own enthusiasm, without being paid, because the philosophy of the Wikipedia is doing a useful thing on the principle of voluntariness. Our guests are people who invest their knowledge and time in the enrichment of the Armenian Wikipedia – Aram Soghomonyan (best wikipedist of 2017), Hamest Melikyan (physicist, editor), and Susanna Mkrtchyan (head of Wikimedia Armenia NGO).


12 January Bread and Scenes

On December 28, Iranians took to the streets to protest against rising prices. A short time later, the demonstrators started to voice anti-government slogans. The collisions of police and demonstrators resulted in more than 20 victims. Armenia is very sensitive to the turmoil happening in Iran. The reason is explained by lecturer of the Department of Iranian studies at Yerevan State University, Ph.D. in Philology Armen Israyelyan.

05 January Truly, Truly They Say…

The theme of Christmas in literature and music. The guests of our program are Daniel Yerazhisht and literary critic Ani Pashayan.

29 December Under the Light of Lanterns

The little members of the group Lapterner (Lanterns) have many questions for adults: Why don't people live in peace; why do people do good and not forget about it; why isn't everyone healthy and happy?… In any case, these talented children do everything on their part so that some better things happen in the world. The children with the artistic director of the group, Eka Horstka, are the guests of our holiday show.

22 December Only One Person Will Change the World, and That Person is You

Tevan Poghosyan, head of the International Center for Human Development, thinks that changes in Armenia are possible only if each person starts the change process from himself or herself.


15 December If…

"If Armenia becomes a just, strong and developing state, it will be able to confront  external challenges." Arman Navasardyan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, talks about the warming of Russian-Turkish relations, the possible cooperation between Armenia and Israel, and the diplomatic potential of Armenia.


08 December Art in the Shadow of the Black Square

Chairman of the Union of Artists of Armenia Karen Aghamyan talks about the possibilities of Armenian painting art, about the difficulties of presentation of Armenian artists in international arena, and about the "colors" of Malevich's "Black Square."

01 December Ascent 29 Years After the Earthquake in Gyumri

Artur Gevorgyan, Director of the National Park of Sculpture (Museum) in Gyumri, talks about the 3rd International Conference on Sculpture, titled "Ascent," and about the problems of people living in temporary houses 29 years after the earthquake.


24 November Armenia on Maps, Starting from the 7th Century BCE

"Historical Atlas of Armenia" by Doctor of History Claude Armen Mutafian and the head of the Cartography Department of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Éric Van Lauwe, has been published in Armenian. Our guests are the translator and initiator of the publication of this unique collection of maps, candidate of philological sciences Armen Baghdasaryan and historian, consultant, candidate of historical sciences Armen Khachikyan.


17 November "Archive is expensive and is not needed by anyone"

Historian, bibliographer and specialist in Nakhijevan Argam Ayvazyan published the studies "Nakhichevan: Illustrated Encyclopedia" and "Aristakes Zargaryan." Argam Ayvazyan talks about his books and his priceless archive on Nakhichevan. Our Government, by the way, does not want to obtain this archive...


10 November Return on Its Course

On October 30, 1920, the town of Kars fell. In 2017, the President of the RA spoke about surrendering several regions to Azerbaijan. The fall of Kars was followed by the fall of the first Armenian republic. What will follow the possible return of liberated lands? Historian Khachatur Stepanyan and journalist Tatul Hakobyan share their thoughts on this.


03 November Film, Film, Film…

From November 7 to 11, the Rolan Bykov Foundation (Armenia) will present the
13th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Yerevan. The
press-secretary of the festival, Karine Grigoryan, talks about upcoming films,
guests, and master classes.

27 October The Number of Muslims Increases in Georgia

Expert on Georgia Vahe Sargsyan has fears that the problems of the Armenians of Georgia concerning assimilation, emigration and preservation of their Armenian identity have already become secondary. The demographic picture of Georgia is rapidly changing: the Muslims, mostly the Azerbaijani, are increasing in number, becoming a threat to the Armenians of Javakheti.


20 October Both or Either of Them?

Expert on political and electoral technologies Armen Badalyan thinks that the agreement between Armenia and the EU that is planned to be signed on November 24 in Brussels is a strong document with precise political and economical components. After it has been signed and made work, Armenia's membership in EAEU can become meaningless.



13 October Depending on the Independence…

Head of the Modus Vivendi Center Ara Papyan: "The main guarantee for the independence of Artsakh is Armenia that has justice and demographic and economic growth."


06 October Doomed to Friendship

Alik Eroyants, an expert on Georgia, talks about the incident occurred on September 30 in the Armenian village of Gumbardo, Akhalkalaki region of Georgia, and, generally, about Armenian-Georgian relations.

29 September Nothing For Nothing

The 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference, which had 1800 participants, was by and large an aimless waste of resources and energy. This is attested by one of its participants, Prof. Suren Danielyan, Doctor of Philology, specialist in Diaspora-Armenian literature.


22 September Even if You Forget Your Mother, Don't Forget Russian

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed and presented a Russian language teaching concept to the public. With linguist Hovhannes Zakaryan we discuss the ways this concept violates the RA Law on the Language and, generally, the logic behind this initiative.    


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