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The show aims at reflecting back the situations and phenomena, the controversies of human and societal relationships that do not seem significant or actual at the first sight. However, they do leave their imprint on these very relationships and on the quality of our life.

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10 November Return on Its Course

On October 30, 1920, the town of Kars fell. In 2017, the President of the RA spoke about surrendering several regions to Azerbaijan. The fall of Kars was followed by the fall of the first Armenian republic. What will follow the possible return of liberated lands? Historian Khachatur Stepanyan and journalist Tatul Hakobyan share their thoughts on this.


03 November Film, Film, Film…

From November 7 to 11, the Rolan Bykov Foundation (Armenia) will present the
13th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Yerevan. The
press-secretary of the festival, Karine Grigoryan, talks about upcoming films,
guests, and master classes.

27 October The Number of Muslims Increases in Georgia

Expert on Georgia Vahe Sargsyan has fears that the problems of the Armenians of Georgia concerning assimilation, emigration and preservation of their Armenian identity have already become secondary. The demographic picture of Georgia is rapidly changing: the Muslims, mostly the Azerbaijani, are increasing in number, becoming a threat to the Armenians of Javakheti.


20 October Both or Either of Them?

Expert on political and electoral technologies Armen Badalyan thinks that the agreement between Armenia and the EU that is planned to be signed on November 24 in Brussels is a strong document with precise political and economical components. After it has been signed and made work, Armenia's membership in EAEU can become meaningless.



13 October Depending on the Independence…

Head of the Modus Vivendi Center Ara Papyan: "The main guarantee for the independence of Artsakh is Armenia that has justice and demographic and economic growth."


06 October Doomed to Friendship

Alik Eroyants, an expert on Georgia, talks about the incident occurred on September 30 in the Armenian village of Gumbardo, Akhalkalaki region of Georgia, and, generally, about Armenian-Georgian relations.

29 September Nothing For Nothing

The 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference, which had 1800 participants, was by and large an aimless waste of resources and energy. This is attested by one of its participants, Prof. Suren Danielyan, Doctor of Philology, specialist in Diaspora-Armenian literature.


22 September Even if You Forget Your Mother, Don't Forget Russian

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed and presented a Russian language teaching concept to the public. With linguist Hovhannes Zakaryan we discuss the ways this concept violates the RA Law on the Language and, generally, the logic behind this initiative.    


15 September Armenia’s Position Weakened

Arman Melikyan, former Foreign Minister of Artsakh, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, is sure that the Armenian negotiators, setting the territorial concessions in the core of the Artsakh issue regulation, put themselves in a dead end: the official Baku, being sure that Armenia has occupied a big part of its territory, including Artsakh, claims that Armenia must without preconditions withdraw its troops from “seized” Azerbaijani regions.


08 September So That No One May Guess

How is it possible that, for example, Armenia refuses to take part in the NATO military drills in Georgia, and no official in Armenia explains the reason? Why is it unknown to this day whether President Sargsyan is going to apply for the position of Prime Minister or not? Political scientist Edgar Vardanyan thinks that the authorities, because of not having the support of the voters, do not feel obliged to be accountable before the public.

01 September Where the Diaspora Starts From

Culturologist, philosopher and essayist Ruben Angaladyan speaks about the problems of the Armenian diaspora. What mutual expectations do Armenia and diaspora have?


29 July A Stroll through the Quarters of Constantinople

Armenian-Turkish political relations are non-existent; however, cultural ties work. Specialist in aestheticism, lecturer at YSU, graphic artist Levon Lachikyan can testify to it...

21 July It is not Forbidden to Go Crazy

Contemporary young people usually choose professions that will help find high-paying jobs.  Lebanese Armenian Krikor (Koko) Darakjian is a young poet. He doesn’t hide the fact that there were times he had also to stay hungry in order to publish a book. 


14 July To Live or Survive?

Culturologist Ruben Angaladyan presents the challenges that threaten Armenia and is concerned that the Armenian authorities are not ready to take them seriously and, therefore, respond equivalently to reality.


07 July Is Every Authority from God?

The non-legitimacy and non-professionalism of our authorities as well as their proneness to theft of public funds that are accompanied with actively making the sign of cross at all major church holidays compel the citizens of the RA to anticipate also the clear response of high-ranking clergy of the Armenian Apostolic Church regarding these phenomena. Our questions are answered by Fr. Markos Mangasaryan.


30 June Benefits of Reading

From time to time, still unknown works and letters of our writers are published, which gives the readers an opportunity to see the writers from other viewpoints. In recent years, Doctor of Philology Margarit Khachatryan has published several volumes of Diaspora Armenian writers Aram Haygaz and Hamasdegh.


23 June Gold Fever

At a distance of ten kilometers from Jermuk spa town, in the depths of Amulsar, there are over 70 tons of gold according to a non-verified professional conclusion. Geographer Levon Galstyan who is a member of the Armenian Ecological Front initiative presents how the Government can be seduced and give permission to exploit Amulsar mine, neglecting the irreversible ecological consequences.

16 June To Manage a Country or to Knit Socks at Home?

How did the poor Singapore manage to become a country with one of the powerful economies in the world? Director of Bureaucrat Book Store, translator Artashes Ter-Hovhannisyan has translated the book “The History of the Miracle of Singapore” which presents the ways to pull the country out of swamp. The first precondition is a legitimate and educated leader with healthy mind.


09 June Silversmithing Without Silver-Love

Silversmith Artsrun Berberyan’s business is continued by his daughter Anahit Berberyan, breaking the stereotype that silversmithing is more suitable for men.


02 June About 50 of 2000 Book Titles are Sold

“About 2000 book titles are published a year. During one year, 48 fiction books and 1 to 2 scientific studies have been sold.” This astonishing statistics was presented the other day by the director of Antares Publishing House during a meeting with journalists. Literary critic Arkmenik Nikoghosyan presents a more hopeful situation.


26 May What was the Taste of My Child?

I did not ask any of the questions I had prepared beforehand for the talk with Chairman of Greens Union Hakob Sanasaryan. The facts presented by Mr. Sanasaryan made me try to understand during our talk how the first figures of our country who have built luxurious mansions in the  cut down forest of Victory Park and have privatized Tsaghkadzor forests be concerned about Armenia’s ecological issues.


19 May The “Armyanski Yazik” of the Government

The Armenian Government has presented a draft decision which envisages to eliminate the State Inspectorate of Language of the RA Ministry of Education and Science. Linguist Hovhannes Zakaryan and chief specialist of the State Inspectorate of Language Ani Yesayan present the dangers that could arise from this decision.


12 May ISIS – So Far and So Close

Why does the Islamic State terrorist organization attract so many Muslim and even Christian young people? To what extent is undesirable the recent statement by RF Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that, if necessary, the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia can be involved in the fight against ISIS. These and other questions are answered by our guest, Hayk Kocharyan, head of Arabic Studies Department of YSU.

05 May The Dolls

God created humans in His image. Humans have created dolls in their image. Modern technologies provide with the possibility to create dolls that replace humans as well as to transform humans into dolls. A Gallery of Dolls has opened in Yerevan. Our guest is the gallery’s artistic director Marina Khachmanukyan.


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