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Spiritual Discussions

An investigation into central fundamental issues such as the meaning of life, our calling, the search for truth, the choice of the spiritual way. Additionally, we investigate other themes such as dogmatic purity and the recognition of one’s own tradition. All these and more are discussed by the participants of Spiritual Discussions.
What are the Church’s responses to these challenging questions? What is the relationship between the spiritual and material aspects of life? Is it possible to reach perfection in this life? How does one carry out the commandments of Christianity? What should be our attitude towards various sects? How should we protect our children and ourselves from “spiritual deformations”? Thorough responses and discussions to these questions and other important issues will be heard in Spiritual Discussions.

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18 July Vox pópuli vox Déi
  • Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan

Can we consider this ancient saying, that later spread internationally, in parallel with biblical realities and truth? What biblical examples do we have where it is clear that God allows something to happen at the will of the majority? When does the voice of the crowd coincide with the will of God, and when not? What should we do so that in modern social processes societies might be formed according to God's will and their voice might be in tune with the voice of God?


11 July There is Nothing Hidden that Won't Be Revealed
  • Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan

Isn't it difficult to live with the prospect that everything we do, good or bad, will be revealed one day? Why do human judgments precede the divine judgment? What is not given to humans to judge, but to God only? Human is by nature a vainglorious and self-loving being and loves to get assessment for his actions immediately, while it becomes clear that everything must be kept secret until the one who knows all secrets comes and reveals everything that is hidden. How to endure?

04 July What is Man that You are Mindful of Him?
  • Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan

Who is human being for God? Why does God remember humans and take care of them? Why do some say that the human being is God's failed project? Why didn't even God's incarnation, crucifixion, death and resurrection change much in the expression of human will? What's the reason that many are called but few are chosen?


02 July Whoever Offends One of These Little Ones...

Fr. Ghazar Petrosyan
Who are the little ones in Christian terminology? Is this only about children? What is meant by the word "offense"? Are the offenders and offenses only outside the Church or are they also inside the Church?


27 June Problems in Spiritual Community Life
  • Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan

What is the purpose of the community, especially if it is customary to say today that faith and confession are each human's personal business? How is a community formed? How are the existing problems within the community identified, expressed and addressed? Is it right to spread community problems outside the community and find solutions outside the community?


25 June Who Are You to Judge Someone Else's Slave?
  • Fr. Mikayel Nurijanyan

Who is that someone else whose slave mustn't be judged by us? Does this idea concern only the spiritual family, the Christian community, where there can be  people with both strong and weak  faith? Generally, what should be the relationship between the weak and the strong?


20 June Love Never Disappears
  • Fr. Smbat Sargsyan

Why is God love? How do human and divine loves differ from each other? If God is love, how can He also be a judge, send to hell and avenge? Aren't the just judgment and love antipodes? Won't love be the only function in those inhabiting the Heavenly Kingdom? How to attain divine love in this weak human body?


13 June Do Not Judge that You May Not be Judged by God
  • Fr. Smbat Sargsyan

Why is it so easy to judge another person,  not forgive and not tolerate others, while the opposite actions are often achieved as a result of great hardship and spiritual efforts? Why are many people more afraid of the judgment of the people than of God? On the other hand, we are afraid to show others their mistakes, saying: Who am I to judge them? Doesn't this take us to the other extreme?


11 June Where is the Church?
  • Fr. Mikayel Nurijanyan

In order to understand where the Church is and where it should be, perhaps it is necessary to first ask what or who the Church is. Why is this question asked mainly by those who do not go to church and do not take part in community life and Divine Liturgies? Why do they criticize the Church? Where is actually the Church, and where not to look for her?


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