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A Live Meeting with Olya Nurijanyan

Conductors, performers, singers, actors, directors... They make our days significant with various concert and theater evenings. Every day in the morning they hold their rehearsals. If they find time, then on Tuesday and Friday they rush to us, to Radio Vem, to talk about their upcoming concert or play. And this live conversation becomes a real "surprise meeting."


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14 March ARé

The title of this year's Festival of Performing Art is "Performing Narrative." Talking in the language of dance, speech, silence, art… The artistic director of the festival Marine Karoyan is sure that a good story always interests people. ARé starts with British Candoco Dance Company's concert on March 16, 5 p.m.


10 March Dialogue on the Topic of Opus 3

With musicologist Shushan Hyusnunts and composer Arsen Babajanyan, we talked about past and upcoming events of the international music festival. A festival, in which met the life story of the artists of the early 20th century and the look, penetrating into the music of the late 20th century, as well as the singing piano and Armenian viola... The next meetings will be held from March 11 to 15.


07 March Aram Khachaturian’s Third Ballet

On March 5, Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater hosted a premiere. In the Masquerade ballet staged by Vilen Galstyan, the character of Arbenin was played that day by Ruben Muradyan, one of the leading artists of the theater. “I am an Armenian, and this is my theater. The warmth that I get in this theater and from this audience, I have never received in another place,” confesses our guest.


03 March Clinging to Spiritual Relics…

On March 4, at 1 p.m., the Literature and Art Museum will host a conference and a temporary exhibition dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Derenik Demirchyan. Our guest is the head of the Demirchyan House-Museum Karine Rafayelyan.


28 February Triumph Trio

Geghuni Chtchyan, Simon Hovhannisyan, Stepan Shakaryan, Mikhail Kokzhaev, Vard Manukyan, Aram Satyan, Armen Smbatyan… Their songs and romances will be performed by  Triumph Trio. On March 2, singers Anna Poghosyan, Sar Sargsyan and pianist Julieta Khachatryan invite us to the first spring meeting of the series “Musical Thursday at Khachaturian’s House.”


24 February Haro Stepanyan Fest

A conversation before final concerts. Our guest is Sargis Balbabyan, Chief of Artistic Management at the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia. After the 8th Festival of Armenian Composers' Art, the music library of Radio Vem will be enriched with new concert recordings.


21 February Farewell to the Winter

On February 22, the Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet  invites to a romantic and vibrant evening. Winter will depart under the direction of conductor Harutyun Arzumanyan.


21 February Romantic Love Song

This is the title of the next evening of the series "Musical Thursday in Khachaturian's House" that will take place on February 23 and will present the songs of the 220-year-old Franz Schubert. Our guest is the initiator and participant of the concert, pianist Margarit Sargsyan.


17 February The Musician Giver

On February 18, the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia invites to a concert dedicated to famous violinist Jean Ter-Merguerian. The musicians that will play at the concert are his pupils: Artashes Mkrtchyan, Bagrat and Astghik Vardanyan, and Dianna Adamyan. Today we host conductor Vahan Martirosyan and Astghik Vardanyan.


14 February Bring That Little Girl to Study Violin…

On February 17, the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia and violinist Anush Nikoghosyan will play Sergei Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No. 2. Our guest confesses: "When I was playing the second part of this concert, there were moments when I could realize why I had chosen this profession."


10 February A Warrior on the Stage, a Knight in Life

The feast of St. Sargis is another occasion to speak about the real love. Such is the love of Hayk Tigranyan, soloist of the Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, and his wife Armine...


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